Why You Still Don’t Want a Giant Lithium Battery in the House: A Realistic Perspective


A Consideration: Although not every house has the immediate possibility, I would not want to have a battery in the house. This applies to all types of energy storage. It only needs to go wrong once for a deadly, unquenchable fire to start. This week, we received the sad news of 22 workers dead and one missing in South Korea because one cell caught fire. Within 15 seconds, all the cells in the building followed suit. [Fire at Lithium Battery Plant in South Korea Kills 22]

Now, seriously, can you get out of the house within 15 seconds? Inhaling smoke from LiPo batteries just once can be deadly. Does your entire family always have an escape route within 15 seconds? The smoke detector only goes off when enough smoke has passed through it. So, if you’re asleep, that’s very few seconds to wake up, realize what’s happening, and get out of the house.

The promise of a future filled with renewable energy and batteries sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? But let’s not forget that this also means we’re installing potential time bombs in our homes. And who wants to live in a house that could turn into a barbecue at any moment, but without the fun of a garden party?

Imagine: you’re dreaming blissfully about your next holiday, and suddenly your bedroom turns into a smokehouse. Do you have the presence of mind to jump out of bed, wake your family, and run out the door within those mere 15 seconds? The reality is that you’re probably halfway through that second thought while your house is already filling with toxic fumes.

Smoke detectors are great until you realize they’re just a delay. They go off when the smoke is already in full swing, and by then it might be too late. So unless you’re a nocturnal firefighter who sleeps with one eye open, you’re at the mercy of the battery.

And let’s be honest, who really wants an energy-saving, eco-friendly device in the house that could just as well be a time bomb? Maybe we should just stick with some good old-fashioned solar panels and a good insurance policy. Because, let’s face it, life is hectic enough without worrying about your house going up in flames.

So before you bring that shiny new battery into your home, think about the practical side. Can you and your family really get out of the house within 15 seconds? And is it worth that risk? Maybe it’s time to adjust the romance of renewable energy and opt for safer options. After all, no one wants a burning passion for energy storage—literally.

Remember, this doesn’t only apply to your new solar energy storage. For example, if you drop your battery-powered screwdriver: 2(!) days later, the thing can still turn into a blowtorch. Place such a battery in a safe spot if that happens. The heat development is intense, and various items will quickly join that fire party. An Outdoor Option?

Is placing it outside an option?

If the battery inside the house isn’t such a good idea, can it go in the garden shed? We read the following restrictions:

Place the home battery in a frost-free and safe location. Do not place the battery in direct sunlight. We advise against placing the home battery in a location that needs to remain accessible in emergencies, such as escape routes. The home battery cannot be placed outside.

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